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Local Moving Service

We're Experts of High-Quality Local & Residential Moves

There's way more to a quality move than simply putting your stuff on our truck. We take the time to fully protect each piece of furniture with a polite crew of movers to help make move day as easy & stress-free as possible!

Moving Blankets
Protecting Furniture
Wrapped Furniture & Fragiles
Moving your items


  • Polite Crew of Movers: Our crew is vetted & well-trained to safely protect & transport all of your household goods.

  • Disassembly & Reassembly: We'll bring the proper tools & knowledge to take apart any & all household furniture.

  • No-Cost Moving Materials: Shrink wrap, tape, cardboard, & same day use of moving blankets are all included with every move.

  • Professional Equipment: Every truck has a lift gate, big moving dollies, mattress carriers, and shoulder straps to make your move safer & more efficient.

  • At-Cost Travel Fee: We calculate travel costs by driving distance and only cover our costs for crew drive time & operating the truck.

  • Competitive Hourly Rates: We offer everything listed above while keeping our rates very competitive with other quality movers.


The crew we had moving from one house to another was above and beyond the expectations of any moving service I've ever hired before!

Thanks to the crew Aaron, Jose, Arturo, Junior, and Trevor! Very professional and the charismatic attitude of everyone helped the work go fast and efficiently! Thanks for the great service.

-Danny B, 2022

Jonah's Movers Reviews


"The Jonah's Movers Way"


Be sure you're prepared for the movers by following our pre-move checklist!

  • After introductions, you can show the entire crew around during our preliminary walkthrough. Let the guys know what is going, staying, and any special instructions.

  • Your crew leader will confirm the contract is correct with you while the rest of the crew gets started!


  • The crew begin by laying out floor runners to protect hardwood & tile flooring.

  • We will use professional dollies to move boxes & anything in hallways so the coast is clear when we start moving furniture.

  • We then take apart beds, cribs, certain tables & desks, and any other furniture that would be safer to transport disassembled.

  • TV's, pictures, and other wall decor will be shrinkwrapped & blanket-protected and surrounded by even more pads and strapped securely to one wall of the moving truck.

  • Each crew member will split into separate rooms and protect each piece of furniture with blankets, shrinkwrap, and tape. See how we protect each & every piece of furniture:


  • After items are protected, the crew will begin safely loading the truck & securing items down as needed.

  • Solid furniture is loaded on the bottom with lighter furniture & boxes stacked above.

  • Appliances & wall decor are typically loaded on the truck last and strapped down individually to prevent damages in transit.

  • Before departing from your first location, your crew leader will walkthrough you through the home to make sure we have everything you need.

  • Your crew leader will make sure the new address is correct before heading out to lunch. Lunch is off-the-clock and typically takes 30 minutes to 1 hour.

  • Once arrived at your new place, the crew will ask for a quick walkthrough to see where everything needs to go. We'll then get started with the unload, making sure to place each item in the room & specific spot that you'd like. 

  • After reassembling your items, the crew will make sure to pick up trash & take away blankets & used moving materials; leaving your new home as clean as we found it.


  • As the crew finishes the last few things up, your crew leader will take you on one final walkthrough to ensure everything is exactly how you want it. Take advantage of us while we're there!

  • Once everything is finished up, Your crew leader will stop the clock & add up the total move costs.

  • Final payment can be made with cash, check, or card on-site with your crew leader.


Serving The Woodlands and Greater Houston

Here's the list of areas we frequently service. If you don't see your location, no worries! We can move you to & from anywhere in Texas!

Serving The Woodlands and North Houston
The Jonah's Movers Way
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