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About Us - Jonah's Movers

Our Story

Providing high-quality moves for quality-minded people

We're Jonah's Movers— a family-owned moving company based in Tomball with a tighly-knit crew of well-trained, hardworking, and respectful movers. Since our founding in 2014, we've stayed focused on what matters: taking care of our employees, our clients, and the local community.

Read on to see how we've been "making waves" in the Houston moving industry:

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"Keeping Standards High and Waves Low"

Moving can be a very stressful & emotional time in your life.

We strive to simplify your moving experience by providing an exceptional standard of service— from the way we communicate before your move, to the professionalism of our work, and how we prompty & fairly handle issues if they arise.

Our 5 Core Values

Servant to All

Servant To All

Service is more than a simple word to us; it's our everyday commitment to helping others to a better life, an easier day of moving, or a happier place to live.

Jonah & Family

Meet Jonah!


Hello! My real name is Jonathan but I have been going by Jonah my whole life. I have a beautiful wife, Diana, who was very active in the early startup of Jonah’s Movers. We met doing volunteer work for our church in New York in 2012, before getting married in 2016, and having our first gorgeous little girl in 2018. Our next daughter came in 2020 and our 3rd daughter arrived in September of 2022! Oh yes, life is busy!

 When I am able to sneak some time for myself, I usually try to spend quality time with friends, playing board games, and talking around a bonfire. My number one hobby though, is a little known, but growing sport called, 'disc golf'.


Needless to say, I am incredibly blessed for the family I have, the team I work with at Jonah’s Movers, the hundreds of referral partners, and the thousands of clients that have trusted us to be your movers!



Jonah's Journey




After high school, Jonah devotes 2 years to volunteer work in NY. He then attends LoneStar College, going to classes and moving furniture by day & working the graveyard shift by night.


Despite this hectic time in his life, Jonah gets his first taste of the moving industry, and he has mixed feelings. Though he loves the clients he helps & work he is doing, the industry lacks the professionalism & service that people seem to want during a move.


Seeing an opportunity, Jonah buys his first moving truck in 2014 & begins laying the groundwork for Jonah's Movers.

Jonahs movers.jpg



Jonah & his team work to perfect the art of moving while balancing speed, quality, and price. After a few tough moving seasons through college, Jonah's Movers reputation begins to spread and business picks up. Jonah purchases a 2nd truck & leaves his night job to focus full time on operations.


In 2016, Jonah marries Diana who goes on to help manage the onslaught of phone calls & gets the office in order. Diana also proposes the new company motto: "Keeping Standards High & Waves Low" and it stuck!




Jonah's Movers is growing! The company adds 2 more trucks, 6 more movers, and doubles it's revenue while keeping standards and quality high. Jonah's Movers receives the 2017 Angie's List Super Service Award in recognition!


Jonah gives back by donating thousands of boxes to non-profits & Harvey Victims during this tough time.



Keeping Standards High

In 2018-2019, Jonah continues to maintain the high quality standards he's become known for by focusing on hiring, training, and retaining the best moving crews in Houston.


Jonah's Movers starts it's senior program, offering discounted moves for senior facilities & supporting Meals on Wheels Montgomery County.



Strange Times

Despite the pandemic in 2020, Jonah's Movers continues working day in & day out as an "essential business." After a few tough starting months, the Houston housing market surged marking another year of growth for the moving company.


In 2021, Jonah's Movers is voted as one of the "Best of The Woodlands" in moving companies!

Best of The Woodlands 2021


Big CHanges

In February 2022, the company is voted for a second year in a row as one of the best movers in The Woodlands!

Jonah also begins construction on his new moving & storage building in Tomball. The property contains both the Jonah's Movers office and brand-new self storage business called My Storage Ark.

Building Under Construction
Best Moving Company Logo

Moving Forward

My Storage Ark opened in February 2023 and we hope to make this the premier moving & storage facility in North Houston. We aim to make a seamless experience for all of our clients throughout the entire moving & storage process.


Although we're growing, one thing that's not changed over the years is the essense of Jonah's Movers - our crew. Everyone has a common focus of doing great work, taking care of our clients, and having pride in our quality & reputation. We strive to continue the things that have made us successful going forward.


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