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The Jonah's Movers Crew

Moving is a hard job in a very personal setting... your home. This makes hiring movers a difficult endeavor.


We're looking for employees that can handle the heavy lifting but also provide exceptional customer service in the field and ease the concerns of our clients.


We make sure our crew is happy and that, in turn, lets us provide a higher standard of moving for you.

See Our Crew Below!

Jonathan Hoffmaister

President & Founder

Though Jonah occasionally hops on a truck, it's usually out of nostalgia. His commitment to integrity, hard work, and generosity has begun to pay off. It took lots of studying, years of moving in the Houston summer heat, and working night jobs to cover the bills... but Jonah wouldn't change a thing. Check out his journey!

Cliff Repka

Business Development Manager

With thirty plus years of management experience in hospitality, Cliff's skills,  knowledge, and insights are invaluable contributions to the company.

Adam Johnson

Marketing & Operations Manager

Adam began moving with Jonah's during his summer breaks from college and upon graduation has taken on the daily operations and strategic marketing of the company.

Jose Alvarez

Depot Manager & Crew Skipper

Jose has been working for Jonah since 2015 and has built his way up from a mover to one of our site supervisors. He is also in charge of maintaining our depot and inventory tracking, too.

Our Crew's Latest Reviews

Meet Your Crew Skippers

Erwin F.

 Crew Skipper 
Employee since Spring '18

Trevor H.

 Crew Skipper 
Employee since Spring '19

Juan M.

 Crew Skipper 
Employee since Fall '17

Mark P.

 Crew Skipper 
Employee since Spring '20

Jesus A.

 Crew Skipper 
Employee since Spring '18

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