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Be Prepared for the Movers!

To help make your move as smooth as possible, we've created a one-page local moving checklist with the essential steps to take before move day. This moving guide is in no way exhaustive, but should help you stay on track throughout the move process. 

Download our free printable moving checklist PDF!

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Download Our Free, Printable Moving Checklist PDF!

Jonah's Movers
Local Moving Checklist

4+ Weeks Out

  • Purge & Declutter - Go through every room, closet, cabinet, and drawer in your house. Decide what you want to keep, sell, donate, and get rid of. Start making sell, donation, and trash piles in the garage to keep yourself organized. This will save you so much time when you finally start packing up boxes!

  • Purchase Your Packing Supplies - Order your moving boxes and other supplies like tape, bubble wrap, markers, and labels. Don't forget specialty moving boxes like wardrobe boxes and TV boxes. We recommend My Storage Ark in Tomball for all of your packing supplies.

2-4 Weeks Out

  • Make Arrangements For Childcare & Pet Boarding - Get your childcare and pet boarding scheduled early. While not necessary, it keeps everyones mind on the move and ensures safety for your family and the movers. Also, be sure to notify your work place that you need to be off on move day. 

  • Pack, Pack, Pack! - Start packing the things you use least often such as the waffle maker and guest bedrooms. While packing, mark any boxes that are fragile, need to stay upright, or require additional care. Don't forget to label your boxes with the contents inside and destination room names so we know where to place them!

1-2 Weeks Out

  • Begin Moving Over Fragiles & Valuables - If your moving close enough, it's great to get started moving items over ahead of time. Items such as lamps, wall art/decor, fragiles, and items of high value are always safest to move in your personal vehicle. 

  • Drain & Prepare Your Equipment - Moving companies are not authorized to transport flammable or explosive items on thei moving trucks. Be sure to remove gas/oil from lawn equipment, propane tanks from grills, etc.

  • Prepare Your Electronics - Consolidate power cords, remotes, and accessories for your TV's, computers, audio systems, etc. Pack up everything into a single "electronics" box and move it in your personal vehicle if possible.

1 Day Out

  • Clean Out, Defrost, and Disconnect Appliances - After removing the contents and unplugging the fridge freezer, place towels/cloths around the bottom to soak up the metled ice.

  • Set Aside A "Move Day Essentials" Bag - Toiletries, medications, change of clothes, towels, shower curtain, hand soap, toilet paper, trash bags, tool kit, scissors, important documents & valuables

Move Day

  • Wake Up Early To Make Sure Everything Is Ready - Last minute tasks include taking sheets off beds, throwing out food, and packing any last minute items before the movers arrive.

  • Clear Your Driveway For The Moving Truck - Most local movers use 26" box trucks. If it will fit in the driveway, make sure to repark cars on the street prior to arrival.

  • Inform The Movers Of Any Special Instructions - If the movers need to take shoes off, certain rooms to avoid, or if you have furniture that needs to be handled with extra care; let the movers know first thing.

  • Relax! We'll Take If From Here!

Download Our Moving Checklist Now!

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