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Pre-Move FAQ

What can I do to save time?

Being prepared and fully ready for the movers before we arrive is the best way to save on time on your move. There are many services worth having us do (to spare your back), but there are certainly actions you can take prior to move day that will help save some time.

Here is a quick checklist:

  1. Finish packing your belongings into boxes and collect them in a place where they can be quickly loaded into the truck, such as a front room or garage. 

  2. Bring items down from your attic. While this may be a pain, its will be a huge time saver!

  3. Disassemble any furniture that you feel confident doing so. Bag any screws, bolts or washers and keep them with each piece of furniture.

  4. Empty, disconnect & drain/defrost your appliances.

  5. Make space for our trucks by parking elsewhere and trimming low tree branches so that our truck can park in the driveway.

  6. Some clients move smaller items on their own. We also encourage clients to move more fragile or expensive items on their own like mirrors, pictures, paintings, or TV’s.

Do I need to empty clothing from my dressers?

We can typically move dressers if there are only clothes/nonbreakables inside. If the dresser is extremely heavy & being moved up or down stairs OR if the dresser is made of particle board, we recommend taking items out. 

What about hanging clothes?

Let us know ahead of time and we can bring wardrobe boxes for free same-day use! We recommend around 3 feet of closet space per wardrobe, so let us know how many you think you'll need.


If you need to keep a wardrobe box, we sell them for $10/each. $5/box is returned when we get them back in good condition.

Can you drop off boxes for me to use?

At this time, we do not sell or drop off materials in advance of a move. If you are looking to buy your own boxes, we recommend 1/2 Price Boxes, Home Depot, or Lowes.


If you've scheduled packing services with us, your crew will bring packing materials in the truck on the day of your move.

Move Day FAQ

What time will the movers arrive?

On your Moving Services Proposal or Contract, you’ll see the "Start Time Window" on the first page.


For morning moves, we leave our depot in Tomball at 7:15am and plan to arrive within the "start time window." 


For "second moves of the day," the start time window ranges from 11am to 4pm. The wide arrival window is due to unforseen factors that may change the first jobs length. Your crew skipper will call you with atleast 30 minutes of notice on move day.

Will the movers bring tools to disassemble furniture?

​Yes! Every crew skipper has a complete tool box for typical home & office furniture. All of our movers are trained in proper disassembly & reassembly of furniture. We can also disconnect and reconnect your non-gas appliances.


If you have anything not standard -e.g. gym equipment, outdoor playsets, custom furniture, etc.- please let us know in advance so we can bring proper tools.

How do you protect floors?

Every truck is equipped with 2-3 rolls of rubber floor protection that protect hardwood and other scratch-prone flooring. We typically wear shoes while working on carpet, however some clients prefer that we take off our shoes to prevent tracking dirt.

What if a problem or issue arrises on move day?

If there is any issue or concern on move day, Call our office right away! (832) 728-6675


While we rarely have problems, if anything does arrise, tell us early in the move so we can take steps to resolve it quickly. Being a service, our policy is similar to a restaurant’s policy for food: if you take a bite and complain we can easily take care of it. But if you finish your plate and complain, it's much harder to take back the service.

Payment FAQ

What kind of liability coverage do you offer?

Texas requires movers to offer at least $0.60 per pound of liability. We offer nearly 10x liability coverage, $5.00/lb, as a free upgrade for most moves. This is possible because of how careful we are with our clients’ goods, which reduces the risk of damages.

How and when do I pay for my move?

We require a $100 deposit to secure your move date. This is credited towards your final move cost.


The full cost of your move is due upon completion of our services. Your crew skipper will provide a breakdown of line items before taking payment. We accept cash, card, and all major credit cards.

How much should I even tip? 

Though not necessary, the crew certainly appreciates a gratuity for a job well done. We typically recommend a 10% tip split between the crew if you we're pleased with the move. More or less depending on your perspective of how the move went!

Can We Move This Item?

Will you move my piano, safe, or pool table?

Yes! We can move most pieces of furniture under 800 pounds with no additional fees!


Please let us know ahead of time if you are moving an oversized item so we can be sure to bring the proper crew and equipment. We typically only move these items as part of a full-residential move, not one-offs.


*Be aware: There are cases where one of these items may be too large or heavy to safely move without specialized equipment. Safety is our top priority always.

Will you move my TVs and mounts?

Yes! We can take down TVs and their mounts from the wall and safely transport the TV in either a TV box or moving blankets. Same-day use of TV Boxes are no additional charge and are normally only needed on TV's over 65".


We can set your TV back on a pre-installed mount, but cannot reinstall mounts on your walls.

Can we move motorized items?

We can move smaller items like lawnmowers, motorcycles, and generators with no problem.


Please let us know ahead of time if you'll be transporting a larger item such as a golf cart, tractor, riding lawnmower, or ATV. All motorized items must be drained prior to transport.


We do not transport cars, trucks, or RVs.

What about my valuables?

We recommend that our clients move these items on their own. Most valuables have a high value-to-weight ratio, meaning that even our generous liability upgrade would not cover their value. It simply easier & safer for everyone if you transport these items yourself!


We do strictly enforce the liability limits for items of extraordinary value (electronics, jewelry, firearms, checkbooks, cash, bonds, stocks, antiques, art, family heirlooms, or other sentimental items).