COVID-19 Updates

& Safety Measures

We are Currently Open for Business

Please visit this page for updates regarding COVID-19

Current Update:

With the continued threat of the Coronavirus, we are still very sensitive to and concerned with the health of both our clients and employees. With that said, many of our clients are also concerned with the efficiency of their crew & keeping move costs down.


Due to the physical nature of moving, our crews will lose some efficiency having to slow down or stop to catch their breath while wearing a mask. While we allow our crew to not wear masks while outside of locations, we realize we need to honor all of our client’s wishes for balancing health, safety and move efficiency factors. Prior to booking a move, we require all customers to let us know if they would like the crew to wear masks: (1) inside, (2) both inside & outside, (3) not at all.


Even in cases where our client’s do not require masks, we still allow our employees to make their own personal decisions to wear masks at any time.

Summer 2020 Update:

Harris County issued an Executive Order on March 24, 2020 which is summarized by the tag line Stay Home, Work Safe.  Jonah’s Movers fully supports this order and remains open as an essential business based on the memorandum titled Identification of Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers during COVID-19 RESPONSE issued on March 19.  The memorandum was issued by the Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency which is an organization within the US Department of Homeland Security. We continue to evaluate options to enhance our Safe Work practices and there is no plan to cease operations unless mandated by authorities in the areas in which we operate.


So far everything looks good! At this time we have a healthy crew that is ready to serve our clients! We are following guidelines from Federal, State and Local authorities and will continue to do so.   Unless mandated by authorities, we have no plans to close operations.


We are actively encouraging employees that exhibit symptoms to stay at home and we are observing their health at work, reminding our team to wash their hands as much as possible and practice social distancing, implementing work from home for high risk office staff, limiting attendance at all meetings, and thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting our trucks and supplies on a regular basis. We are also encouraging clients that require an in-home estimate to consider a virtual visit via Facetime or other video chat applications.

We also encourage you to help us by creating a safe work space for our moving team. Most importantly, please keep us informed in advance if anyone present for our move has a fever or flu like symptoms. Please prepare your home for our moving team by disinfecting your home as thoroughly as possible and support our team by practicing social distancing with us at your move locations.

We look forward to serving you and hope the actions we all take together will help make your move safe for you and our crew. Please feel free to contact us via phone or email.

-The Jonah's Movers Team